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Alexander Siskind

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10 Reasons Why You Want Me To Sell Your House

#1 Your Listing Everywhere 
      My Job is to make sure your listing gets seen. That's why I syndicate my listings to ALL the major property portals including but not limited to: 

Yahoo Real Estate

AOL Real Estate
Open House .com
Home Finder
and more than 800 additional Real Estate search web sites

#2 A Unique Property Site
     By creating a Unique Property Site for each of my listings, I am able to attract online buyers as well as provide local buyers with fast and comprehensive information about your property. These days, its easy for properties to get lost amoung the thousands of real estate listings added to the market each and every day.

#3 Realtor.com Showcase
     How I use the #1 real estate site*, REALTOR.com to reach the most buyers to your home! REALTOR.com is the most visited real estate search engine in the world! Your listing will stand out with 25 PHOTOS, Vivid Description, Virtual Tour and Video. In addition, buyers can reach me immediately through the lead delivery system.

#4 Video Marketing
     I use the pictures of your property to create a visually appealing virtual tour that
will be featured everywhere your listing is found. The online based tour will be sent
directly to buyers and other real estate agents.

     I will also video a narrated tour through your home to capitalize on the popularity of YouTube and other social media sites. YouTube is an important part of my maketing strategy to get your listing noticed. YouTube receives over 2 BILLION visits per day

#5 Social Media
     I utilize media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many other
applications to market your property listing in an effort to find the right buyer
for your home. Considering that hundreds of millions of people use these sites
on a dailey basis it is important for your home to be included.

#6 Mobile Ready
                                 People are accessing property websites via their mobile devices more than ever before.
                                 That's why I have a mobile version created for every property I list. When a mobile
                                 visitor attempts to access your property site, they will be automatically redirected to a
                                 mobile version designed specifically for their device!
                                 They can ever access your listing details by scanning your very own QR Code!

#7 Professionally Designed Online Classified Ads
     Craigslist is a powerful tool for generating tons of traffic to your property website. The ads I create are professionally designed to get more buyers to your listing. Your property will stand head and shoulder above the competition.
     My Craigslist Flyers average a 15.9% Click Through Rate!

#8 Photos
     Your home will be showcased with a beautifully designed Slide Show
that's displays your property FULL SCREEN and iPad Ready!
     Photos are the #1 thing that buyers want to see online!

#9 The Phone
     This is one simple step that most of my competitors never think to take. I am going to call the 5
     agents who most recently have participated in recent sales in your area. Chances are good these
     agents might have other buyers looking in the neighborhood.

#10 Agent Announce
     Agent announce is my exclusive tool for getting your listing out to every
agent in the area- FAST! I will send New Listing Alerts, Price Updates and Status
Updates. EVERY Agent will know how great your house is and will be able to
share with their buyers!

"The Usual Stuff"
     Most agents do a good job at the "usual stuff" the usual stuff doesn't interest today's modern buyer.

  • Pricing Your Property Right
  • Staging It To Sell
  • Open Houses
  • Negotiating On Your Behalf

     While most of my competitors are skipping the first 10 items in the list, I'm busy making sure your property is exposed and presented to as many buyers as possible.
     If it looks like I rely heavily on web marketing, that's because I do. Why? 90% of buyers are searching for property online........


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