Texas Ally Real Estate Group

Alexander Siskind

Specialty and Experience

  • Credit Report Analysis
  • Credit Report Consultation
  • Direct Creditor Contact
  • Error Correction and Removal
  • Identity Theft and Fraud Cleanup Assistance

No other credit repair company combines the credit restoration process with each of the individual services listed above. National Credit Care is the only full-service, one-stop credit restoration program available. Our representatives have extensive experience working with the credit bureaus and creditors directly. As a client, you can feel comfortable knowing that your unique credit history will be handled with care and professionalism.

Automation vs. Personalization

Most major credit restoration and management companies rely on a streamlined, automated process. However, automation comes at a cost to the consumer. It prevents companies from addressing the specific individual needs of each consumer and their unique situation. To cut costs, other companies outsource their customer service to other countries, where representatives read stock responses from scripts that treat all customers the same way. Only a personalized approach can provide the optimal service and benefits needed to fix your credit history the right way. National Credit Care employs a full, in-house customer service department located in the U.S.A. We are always available to answer whatever questions you might have.

Our team thinks of credit as DNA: We all have it but everyone expresses it uniquely. We believe that the most effective way to help clients restore their credit is through a personalized and strategic approach. Our service model treats people as individuals, and we customize our program for each specific client.

National Credit Care has moved beyond standard credit repair. We now offer comprehensive credit consulting solutions tailored to an individual’s needs, not a corporate standard. At National Credit Care, we welcome all who need change, and we have the solution to any credit conundrum.